13 May 2012

Guyenese Tartans

Even if we are here in French Guiana very far from Gaelic or Highlands Scottish cultures, colors and motives printed on fabrics (may be some are even woven) may remind somehow tartans. They draw attention by their bright colors and combinations rather than by their geometry. Could we say that these colors purposely remind those of the various exotic fruits produced here or the sea and sky shades? Anyway, these fabrics are used in the daily life  as (table) clothes, scarfs... or as decorating marks to identify local products (e.g. jam, syrups...). They are frequently met not only in French Guiana but more generally in the Antilles and known as Madras cloth (or Madras tissu in French).

Examples below illustrate various types of these "Guyanese tartans" that can be easily observed here and there.

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