20 May 2012

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Brazilian giant turtle, Tortue denticulée (Chelonoidis Denticulata, Testudinidae),  D6, Roura mountains, 20th May 2012

additional identification keys:
  • Size was ca 35 cms
  • Shell longer than larger (it has a more circular shape on the young turtles) and clearly convexe
  • Presence two elongated scales on the tip of the muzzle (photos: 3 and 4)
  • Yellow and brown/blackish colour of the breast plate
  • It is a male due to the presence of the concave breast plate (photo#1)
Note: "Denticulée" (indented) means that the edge of the shell is normally indented (this is more visible on the youngsters)
Complementary information: Tortues de Guyane/ Guyenese turtles

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